Mucky paws on textiles and floors - your four-legged friend leaves traces and odours in your household. The POLIBOY cleaning products can remove dirt easily and gently.

The Upholstery Carpet Cleaner in action

Easily remove pet hairs and odours!

Whether winter or summer fur, when we stroke our pet and let them roll on the beautiful living room carpet, animal hair flies through the air and spreads everywhere. If the fur is still wet from the rain or from a swim in the nearby lake, a rather unpleasant animal smell circulates around the house.

Practical wet wipes can be used to remove hair and dirt with just one wipe so that it is not instantly noticeable which furry friend lives with you. . Odours can be removed for a lasting effect with a natural smell remover, which doesn’t aggravate our noses with artificial scents. Small accidents on carpets, upholstery and ceilings can also be removed quickly by using a special stain remover. These little annoyances then become less of an issue and we have more time for fun with our pet – and our little darling feels right at home.